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A workbook and posters for treatment of addiction and suicidalbehaviour in combination with a psychiatric diagnose. Assigment for Dimence.
Migratierecht in de praktijk

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Migratierecht in de praktijk Info-graphics about key aspects of Migration Law for a book by Beck-Soeliman, Alisentono and Kipping. http://www.migratierechtindepraktijk.noordhoff.nl

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Logo, style and applied designs for Dutch construction economists.  
Typeface: Volle Band

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Volle Band I based Volle Band on geometric shapes; circle, triange and square.
Typeface: Haen

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Haen With Haen I combined curved and straight lines.
The Darkroom of Damocles

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The Darkroom of Damocles The Darkroom of Damocles is a famous novel by the Dutch writer Willem Frederik Hermans. At the beginning of the Second World War the protagonist Henri Osewoudt meets his ‘negative’ twin Dorbeck. Dorbeck enables Osewoudt to play an important role in the dutch resistance. But this position comes at a price. Published in de groene amsterdammer. Inversion is a recurring theme in the book, as is […]
Praktisch Europees Recht

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Praktisch Europees Recht Info-graphics about key aspects of European Law for a book by Huzen and Wormsbecher. The book is used in at universities (HBO) in the Netherlands. first edition 2012 second edition 2014 http://www.praktischeuropeesrecht.noordhoff.nl
Volle Band

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Volle Band Posters, videos, animations, images and logo designs for Volle Band, the audiovisual bicycleproject. A great adventures project in which I collaborated between 2009-2013 with Didier Jansen, Sjoerd Leijten, Olle Kuyt and Zac Stibbs. http://www.volleband.nl