Organized Digital Delivery

Gofilex, founded in 1938, is a Dutch international digital distributor for films. Gofilex works both for and with studios & independent distributors and cinemas & art houses for the delivery digital content. They operate their own network, specialized Organized Digital Delivery (Gofilex ODD™). This system includes a variety of additional digital services (eg. versioning, conversioning, KDM).

The short animation depicts the transition from analog to digital distribution and the great choice and ease that follows from the specialized system of Organized Digital Delivery: Gofilex ODD™. This system also comprises of tablet and phone apps and an in house call-center. Besides what you would expect of digital content, Gofilex has also paved the way for alternative content: old classic movies, live streaming of events, shows and concerts, small distributors, commercials and shorts. All that, in the blink of an eye.



Direction: DaanDirk
Animation: DaanDirk, Didier Jansen
Music and sound: Nineyardsaudio