150yrs Willem II in 75s

My secondary school was founded in 1866. In 2016, 150 years later, I made this 75 second recap of those first 150 years.

The school starts out as a HBS (Hogere Burgerschool; Higher Civic School), preparing middle class students for higher functions in industry and trade. The heirs of Willem II donate the former kings Palace, situated in the center of Tilburg, and demand the school be named after him. Thus the Rijks-HBS Willem II was founded. In 1948 Queen Juliana gives the school a royal status. The name changes a couple of times: Koning Willem II Lyceum (1964), Rijksscholengemeenschap Koning Willem II (1968), Koning Willem II College (1995). The school changes from national to municipal (1991) to a foundation (2007).

Other noteworthy events: Vincent van Gogh attends the school between September 1866 and March 1868. First female student, Maria Bes, is at the school between 1894 and 1899. The first female teacher becomes part of the permanent staff in 1924. In 1934 the school moves to the Ringbaan Oost to a beautiful purpose build school. In 1950 a MMS (Middelbare meisjesschool; Middle-level Girl’s school) and in 1968 a ULO (Uitgebeid Lager Onderwijs;Extended Primary Education) is added to the school. In 1971 it moves to a new purpose build school at the Tatraweg. From 1990 the Muzische Afdeling (Artistic Department) combines the regular curriculum with among others the preliminary training of the nearby dance academy. In 2009 the school also adds the official LOOT status (Landelijke Organisatie voor Onderwijs en Topsport; National Organisation for Education and Elite Sports) for its support of the student athletes.



Animation & Sound design: DaanDirk