Shape Layer Toolbar

Shape Layer Toolbar – After Effects Script for Shape Layers:
+ Buttons for adding any element in your shape layer
+ Save your personal shape layer element settings
+ Buttons to add any expression control.

Current version: v1.1.0.0
Initial release date: (6th of september 2018) Out now get Shape Layer Toolbar on aescripts!

Known issues:
– button scaling got broken in the latest update


Change log:
2022-03-20 — v1.1.0
– keyframes supported
– taper and wave supported
– dropdown expression control added
– updated the path to expression function, array is now ordered per point, inTangent, outTangent
– select all groups when making a selection
– small fixes

2019-09-13 — v1.0.4
– icons will now show up in CS6, gradients are now backward compatible to CS6
– panel preference settings can be overwritten with a text file
– icons can be correctly scaled when the display has a different display scaling
– vertical layout fixed
– compatibility fix for Mac OS Catalina

2018-10-20 — v1.0.3
– a bug fix
– updated documentation

2018-09-08 — v1.0.2
– fixed command key for mac

2018-09-06 — v1.0.1
– fixed trial mode

2018-07-27 — v1.0.0
– auto-load file-path remains saved when changing other settings
– check for comp when adding a shape layer
– removed a forgotten alert that made a sound

2018-06-05 — v0.8.2 beta
– pasting order in groups and pasting multiple outside groups fixed

2018-06-03 — v0.8.1 beta
– when active viewer is not visible don’t try to set focus
– correctly select values/element when searching for element

2018-05-31 — v0.8 beta
– various fixes in setting selections, saving expressions and values
– new shape layers get in and out point of selected layer
– saving to user set auto-load file-path
– simpler menu design, more layout options
– tick boxes for group handling, one or multiple pastes and selection settings
– auto-set pen tool after adding empty path from CC 2017 or version 14.0 onward

2018-03-29 — v0.7.2 beta
– select expression controls with ctrl + shift
– select children of selection with a button
– have value settings of added elements selected
>> after adding an element hit “ss” to get to its settings

2018-03-29 — v0.7 beta
– documentation: ShapeLayerToolbar.pdf
– new elements are selected after adding them
(also when in folders and complicated structures)
>> hit “ss” to get to them
– duplicates come in the right order
– saves properties behind expressions
– toggle open/close paths and masks from vertex point
– trail mode
– gradients, trough a saved animation preset
– option to paste just one element at at time
– a few fixes

2018-02-15 — v0.6.5.beta
– responsive design
– select element types
– separate settings and rec/play buttons

2018-02-09 — v0.6.0.beta
– new expression control buttons
– fixed trim simultaneously / individually

2018-02-07 — v0.5.9.beta
– cancel new name is now also cancelling to save the new element settings
– fixed a few small mistakes
– saved expressions now loading correctly

2018-01-21 — v0.5.6.beta
– saving multiple lined expressions did not go well, now fixed

2018-01-17 — v0.5.5.beta
– no more leaking to global name space
– menu changes: divided in a ‘basic’ settings and an ‘advanced’ settings
– new ‘record’ mode
– save and load shape settings

2017-11-29 — v0.5.4.beta
– button choosing: bug fix
– layout options, no longer require restart

2017-11-22 — v0.5.3.beta
– improved defaults
– button choosing: removed bugs and does no longer require a restart

2017-11-21 — v0.5.2.beta
– importing dashes for strokes and gradient strokes is now fixed

2017-11-21 — v0.5.1.beta
– layout setting fixed
– “add <element name>”
– add new shape button

2017-11-21 — v0.5.0.beta
– initial beta release