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A workbook and posters for treatment of addiction and suicidalbehaviour in combination with a psychiatric diagnose. Assigment for Dimence.

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Bluebillgurgle A poem by C. Buddingh’ which is the Dutch equivalent of the Jabberwocky. Animation: DaanDirk Sound: Nineyards Voice: Erik Ankon├ę Screened at KLIK! Amsterdam.
Migratierecht in de praktijk

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Migratierecht in de praktijk Info-graphics about key aspects of Migration Law for a book by Beck-Soeliman, Alisentono and Kipping. http://www.migratierechtindepraktijk.noordhoff.nl
1 Minuutje Natuur

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1 Minuutje Natuur Four one-minute episodes of ‘1 Minuutjes natuur’ (1 minute of nature) part of national Dutch children’s schooltv program ‘Nieuws? Uit de Natuur!’ (News? From Nature!) produced by NTR.  Credits Drawings: Lotte van Dijck Animation: DaanDirk NTR website: De Vos, Allergie├źn, Paardrijden, Liegende Kat

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Logo, style and applied designs for Dutch construction economists.  
Praktisch Europees Recht

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Praktisch Europees Recht Info-graphics about key aspects of European Law for a book by Huzen and Wormsbecher. The book is used in at universities (HBO) in the Netherlands. first edition 2012 second edition 2014 http://www.praktischeuropeesrecht.noordhoff.nl